Yoshitoshi's Individual Triptychs


This set of pages attempts to show all known individual tripych prints (i.e. those triptychs which are not part of a series) produced by Yoshitoshi. (For triptychs which are part of a series, you will find them listed on the various series lists, such as the date index. A complete list of his individual triptychs is available here.)

The triptychs here are currently organized by date.

We use Keyes' numbers to identify and order them. (We use Keyes' numbers to organize the prints on the site.) We have identified some triptychs which were not listed in Keyes; these can be recognized by identification numbers of the form 'xxxY', where 'Y' is an uppercase letter. For more details on the identification system, please see the header of the complete list of triptych titles.

Tips for Finding an Unknown Triptych

If you have an unknown triptych, and are trying to find it, looking through all the images here is probably not the fastest way to find it - there are a lot. What we have found works best is to find one character in the title (which will usually be in a large vertical cartouche in an upper corner) which is easy to read. (Don't pick no (の/之) or zu (図/圖) - those are too common.)

Then, go to the complete list of triptych titles, and use your Web browser's 'search the page' function to look for that character. Generally there will only be a few triptychs whose title includes that character, and it's usually quite easy to tell, from the characters immediately before and after that character, if a title (as given in that list) matches the one on your triptych.

If you have to, if you don't have other any way to enter kanji, you can look up and down that page for a character which you see in the triptych's title, and then use the 'select' and 'copy' functions to copy that character into the browser's 'search this page' box. Trust us, even that will be quicker than looking at every single triptych!

You may discover that your triptych isn't listed, or shown, on these pages. Although Keyes, and we, have made an effort to list all the triptychs we could find, neither he (since we have found triptychs he didn't list), nor we (almost assuredly) have produced a complete list. So, if you can't find your triptchy - please contact us so we may add that lost child to the list here!

The Triptychs

A page with images of all of Yoshitoshi's individual triptychs would take a long time to load. We have therefore broken this up into a set of pages, divided up by the Keyes numbers: This database is under construction; the rest will be added soon.


A very special 'Thank You' to the people at Morimiya Antique Art, who not only posted a very large number of Yoshitoshi triptychs, but included very large, high-resolution images of most of them - and left the images online once the prints had been sold. This section of the site would be nowhere near as good as it is without them.

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