Tsukioka Yoshitoshi - Index to Print Series (by date)

A number of pages for series are now available, and are hyperlinked here. On
this index page they are ordered by date; see
this page
for an index ordered alphabetically by title (in English), and
this page
for an index ordered alphabetically by title (in

Please note that most of them are in a DRAFT form, i.e. the data in them is generally from secondary sources, and has not been fully checked for correctness against the prints themselves, so please take all the data in them with a grain of salt. (Right now we are more focused on getting more series up, and less on checking the details on the ones we do have up.)






Series Elsewhere

We have been working first on those series which are not documented elsewhere, leaving the more well-known series until later. Until then, here are some other web pages which give information on series which are not yet online here.

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