Yoshitoshi's Individual Triptychs: Numbers 100-149


This set of pages attempts to show all known individual tripych prints (i.e. those triptychs which are not part of a series) produced by Yoshitoshi; this page shows individual triptychs numbered 100-149. (For others, see the table at the bottom of this page.)

We use Keyes' numbers to identify and order them. For more details on the identification system, please see the header of the complete list of triptych titles for more.

The Prints

This table is currently incomplete, as we are missing images of some triptychs.

If you have either i) images of any of the triptychs for which we are missing an image; ii) a better image of any triptcyh than one below; iii) information about any errors on the page; or iv) missing information about individual triptychs (e.g. publisher, exact date), please let us know.

To see a larger, roughly full-screen, image of any print, please click on the thumbnail; these images are sized to produce reasonable detail (if we have an original that big), and are fairly compressed.

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Number Thumbnail Image Title (English, Kanji, Rōmaji)
Large Image
Date Comments
100 The fall of Inaba Mountain Castle and the origin of the symbolic gourd in the Taiheiki
  nnKB Taiheiki Inabayama no shiro kanraku sennari hyōtan yurai [no zu]
太平記 稲葉山 之 城 陥落 千生 瓢箪 由来 之 図
1864 (2)  
101 The Soga brothers kill ten men
  nnKB -- Soga jubangiri no zu
曽我 十番切 の 圖
1864 (3)  
102$ The Battle of Okehazama: The death in battle of Earl Inagawa Yoshimoto
  nnKB -- Okehazama kassen: Inagawa Yoshimoto ason jinbotsu no zu
桶狹間 合戰
稲川 義元 朝臣 陳歿 之 圖
(桶狭間) (戦) (今川) (陣没)
1864 (3) The actual character used in the last word () has a reading of 'chin'; it is not clear if this is simply an error on Yoshitoshi's part, or some subtle word-play (chinbotsu means 'sinking').
103 Masakiyo conquers Korea
  nnKB -- Masakiyo Sankan taiji no zu
正清 三韓 退治 [の] 圖
1864 (3)  
104 Maskaiyo captures the wild tiger
  nnKB -- Masakiyo mōko uchitori no zu
正清 猛虎 討取 [の] 図
1864 (3)  
105 Foreign horse acrobats at Yokohama
  nnKB -- Yokohama ijin kyokuba<
横浜 異人 曲馬
1864 (3)  
106 The night attack of the 47 Ronin
  nnKB -- Gishi youchi rannyū no zu
義士 夜討 乱入 之 圖
1864 (4)  
107 A modern Prince Genii at Chigogafuchi on the island of Enoshima
  nnKB -- Imayō Genji Enoshima Chigogafuchi
今様 源氏 江の島 [稚]児が淵
1864 (5)  
108 A modern Prince Genji: With a distant view of Yokohama from the Daikokuro Restaurant at Kanagawa
  nnKB -- Imayō Genji: Kanagawa Daikokurō Yokohama chōbō
今様 げんじ
神奈川 大黒楼 横浜 眺望
1864 (5)  
110 Yoriyoshi attacks Sadatō in the great battle at the Kuriya River, a scene from Zen Taiheiki
  nnKB -- Zen Taiheiki Kuriyagawa okassen Yoriyoshi ason Sadatō taiji [no zu]
前 太平記 厨川 大合戦 頼義 朝臣 貞任 退治 之 圖
1864 (7) Keyes gives "Taikeiki", but this is almost certainly wrong, probably a typo
111$ From the Zen Taiheiki: View of the appearance of Munetō and the other prisoners of war. Alt: The Surrender of Abe no Muneto and His Retainers
  nnKB -- Zen Taiheiki Munetō ika kōnin ni deru zu
前 太平記
宗任 以下 降人 [に] 出る 圖
1864 (8) The small yellow cartouches identifying individuals show that the figure kneeling at the lower left is Abe no Munetzō; the figure at the right on the folding stool is Minamoto no Yoshiie (Hachimantaro Yoshiie), who captured Munetō.
111a$ The death of Musashi Gorō Sadayo during the Battle of Karashima, a scene from the Zen Taiheiki
  nnKB -- Zen Taiheiki Karashima kassen Musashi Gorō Sadayo uchijini [no] zu
前 太平記 辛嶋 合戦
武蔵 五郎 貞世 討死 圖
1864 (9) Sadayo dies fighting in the battle of Karashima, a scene from Zen Taiheiki. The kanji is not given in Keyes, and the title he gives is slightly different from what's on what seems to be this print, but the date he gives (ca. (8) 1864) is correct for this one.
112 The night attack at Horikawa from Genpei Seisuiki
  nnKB -- Genpei Seisuiki Horikawa youchi
源平 盛衰記 堀川 夜征
1864 (8)  
113 The pupils of Uji Jōetsu practising fencing
  nnKB -- Uji Jōetsu montei keiko no zu
宇治 常悦 門弟 稽古 之 圖
1864 (9)  
114 The descent from Hiyodorigoe Pass at the battle of Ichinotani
  nnKB -- Ichinotani Hiyodorigoe sakaotoshi no zu
一之谷 鵯越 逆落 之 圖
1864 (9)  
115 The great battle of Okehazama
  nnKB -- Okehazama ō-kassen no zu
桶狭間 大合戦 之 圖
1864 (9)  
117 Raikō and his four companions conquer the demon of Ōe Mountain
  nnKB -- Raikō shitennō Ōeyama kijin taiji
頼光 四天王 大江山 鬼神 退治 之 図
1864 (10)  
117A! View of the great battle of Dan Bay
  nnKB -- Dan-no-ura ō-kassen no zu
檀之浦 大合戦 ノ 圖
(壇) (戰)
1864 (10)  
120 Saitō Kuranosuke battles Hisayoshi's forces in his hideaway, from the Taiheiki  
  nnKB -- Taiheiki no uchi - Saitō Kuranosuke ga kakurega nite mashiba sei oi ni tatakau zu
菜藤 久良之輔 隠家 二? 真柴 勢と 大 二 戦ふ 圖
1864 (11)  
123 Revenge from the tale of Shiraishi
  nnKB -- Shiraishibanashi katakiuchi no zu
白石噺 敵討 之 圖
124 A procession of young women
  nnKB -- Himegimi gyōretsu [no] zu
姫君 行列 圖
125 Night battle at Shijō in Kyōto
  nnKB -- Kyōto Shijō youchi no zu
京都 四条 夜討 之 圖
126 The battle of Kyōto
  nnKB -- Kyōto sensō no zu
京都 戦争 [之] 圖
127 The young cherry trees at Suma Temple in Harima Province
  nnKB -- Banshū Suma-dera wakagi zakura no zu
播州 須磨寺 若木 桜 の 圖
128 The great battle of Ichi-no-tani
  nnKB -- Ichinotani ō-kassen no zu
一ノ谷 大合戰 之 圖
129 A mirror of heroes of the Taiheiki
  nnKB -- Taiheiki yūshi kagami
太平記 勇士 鑑
130$ From the Taiheiki: Toyotomi Hideyoshi serves Lord Harunaga at Komaki Mountain
  nnKB -- Taiheiki: Ni oite Komaki-yama Sarukichirō Harunaga-kō ni tsukamatsuru [no] zu
於 小牧山 猿吉郎 春永公 に 仕る [之] 圖
1864/9 (right panel) - 1864/10 (left panel) Sarukichirō (literally, "good-luck-monkey-son") is an alias for Toyotomi Hideyoshi, based on the nickname Oda Nobunaga gave him, Kozaru ("little monkey"), which was supposedly inspired by his alleged resemblance to a monkey.
133$ Yoshitsune leaps over eight boats at Dan Bay during the battle of Yashima
  nnKB -- Yashima Dan-no-ura kassen Yoshitsune hassō tobi no zu
八島 檀之浦 合戰 義經 八艘 飛 之 圖
(壇) (戦) (経)
1865 (2) The first character of 'Dan-no-ura' is not the usual one, but a very similar-appearing one, but with a different meaning. It is not known if this is an error on Yoshitoshi's part, or a subtle visual pun.
135 Chronicles of Toyotomi Hideyoshi: The great battle at Miya-jima
  nnKB -- Toyotomi kunkōki [no] uchi: Miya-jima ō-kassen [no] zu
豊臣 勲功記 内 宮島 大合戰 [之] 圖 (戦)
1865 (5)  
136 Lord Mashiba Hisayoshi reviews the generals from his camp in Nagoya
  nnKB -- Mashiba Hisayoshi-kō Nagoya gojin sakite no shodaishō Chōsen shū e kuridashi no zu
真柴 久吉公 名古屋 御陣 先手 之 諸大将 朝鮮 州 江 くり出シ 之 圖
1865 (5)  
137 A procession on the Tōkaidō Road
  nnKB -- Tōkaidō gyōretsu no zu
東海道 行列 之 圖
1865 (5) A print has been found which seems to be this one (the date and publisher match), but it does not have a title. (What seems to be a title, in the lower left corner, is actually the publisher's name and location: 江戸 筑地
大黒屋 金之助 ?
- Edo Tsuji: Daikoku Kinnosuke ?.)
140$ View of the death in battle by suicide of Katsuyori at Mt. Temmoku
  nnKB -- Katsuyori ni oite Temmokuzan toguru uchijini zu
勝頼 於 天目山 逐 討死 圖
1865 (5I)  
141 (Title unknown - only one panel known)
  nnKB -- pp
1865 (6) Demons surrounding a half-clothed woman on a table.
144 Kawarazaki Gonjūrō as Kōarashi {Koarashi} Chūji, Ichikawa Sadanji as the farmer Ichibei, Bandō Kamezō and Nakayama Genjūrō as Iwasaki Umbei
  nnKB -- pp
河原崎 権十郎 小嵐 忠次
市川 左団次 百姓 市兵衛
坂東 亀蔵 中山 元十郎 岩崎 禹
?兵 街?
1865 (8)  
146 The precious box of Urashima Tarō
  nnKB -- Urashima Tarō tamatebako
浦嶋 太郎 玉手箱
1865 (9)  


Thanks to Antique Art Morimiya, which put many detailed images of Yoshitoshi triptychs online - and kept them there, even after they sold; these allowed the confirmation (and correction, in many cases) of captions for those triptychs.

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