Yoshitoshi's Individual Triptychs: Numbers 150-199


This set of pages attempts to show all known individual tripych prints (i.e. those triptychs which are not part of a series) produced by Yoshitoshi; this page shows individual triptychs numbered 150-199. (For others, see the table at the bottom of this page.)

We use Keyes' numbers to identify and order them. For more details on the identification system, please see the header of the complete list of triptych titles for more.

The Prints

This table is currently incomplete, as we are missing images of some triptychs.

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Number Thumbnail Image Title (English, Kanji, Rōmaji)
Large Image
Date Comments
152 Iwami Jūtarō sees a monster
  nnKB Iwami jūtarō kai o ukagau
岩見 重太郎 怪 を 覗ふ
153 Thieves of Japan
  nnKB -- Honchō gitō {gizoku} kurabe
本朝 義盜 竸
1865 (7?)  
154 Lord Kusunoki at the siege of Chihaya
  nnKB -- Kusunoki-kō Chihaya rōjō no zu
楠 公 千早籠城 之 圖
155 The great battle of Yamazaki
  nnKB -- Yamazaki ō-kassen no zu
山崎 大合戦 之 圖
155A! The great battle of Yamazaki
  nnKB -- Yamazaki ōsen no zu
山崎 大戦 之 圖
1865 (?) Definitely a different print from the previous one (an image of which has been found)
156 The death of the principal followers of Takechi Mitsuhide at the great battle of Yamazaki
  nnKB -- Yamazaki ō-kassen Takechi shujū uchijini no zu<
尼崎 大合戰 武智 主従 討死 之 圖
(山崎) (戦)
1865 (5) The name of the battle is usually written with the first character 山; it is not known if this character (with a reading of ama) is simply a mistake on Yoshitoshi's part, or a subtle insult (it means 'nun').
158$ The battle of Mt. Komaki from the Taikeiki
  nnKB -- Taiheiki Komakiyama ō-kassen
太平記 小牧山 大合戰 (戦)
1865 (5I)  
159$ Shimura Seizō captures the mountain woman alive at Yakeyama Pass
  nnKB -- Yakeyamagoe Shimura Seizō yamauba o ikedoru
焼/燒山越 志村 政蔵 山姥 を 生捕
160 The battle between the Genji and Heike at Dan Bay
  nnKB -- Genpei Dan-no-ura ō-kassen no zu
源平 壇之浦 大合戦 之 圖
1865 (6)  
160A The great battle of the Koromo River
  nnKB -- Koromo-gawa ō-kassen no zu
衣川 大合戰 之 圖
1865 (10) The Battle of Koromo River brought the end of Minamoto no Yoshitsune and his champion, Benkei.
161 Brave birds on the first day of the cock
  nnKB -- Yūen no hatsutori
勇鳶 の 初酉
162 Ushiwakamaru learns the martial arts from Sōjōbō
  nnKB -- Ushiwakamaru Sōjōbō ni bujutsu o uku
牛若丸 僧正坊 に 武術 を 受く
164 Picture of famous places on the Kisokaidō Road
  nnKB -- Kisokaidō meisho zue
木曾街道 名所 圖絵
1865 Possibly a 3-panel extension to a 9-panel panorama of the Tōkaidō by Yoshitora
165$ The great battle of Kawanakajima
  nnKB -- Kawanakajima okassen
川中嶋 大合戰
(島) (戦)
1866 (2) This print may be distinguised from the identically-named #174 and #180 by the publisher and date.
167 New South Dutch Wales
  nnKB -- Shinoranda minami Waruresukoku no zu
新和羝陀 南 和留連寿国 之 図
1866 (4)  
168 The nations of the world trading at the port of France
  nnKB -- Furansu minato shokoku kōeki no zu
仏蘭西 湊 諸国 交易 之 圖 (港)
1866 (4)  
169 Akushichibyōe Kagekiyo appearing before Hatakeyama Shigetada at the Hall of the Great Buddha at the Tōdai-ji in Nara
  nnKB --  
奈良 東大寺 においろ 悪七兵衛 景清 と 畠山 重忠
1866 (4)  
170 Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasions of Korea
  nnKB -- Toyotomi sankan seibatsu no zu
豊臣 三韓 征伐 之 圖
1866 (4)  
171$ [The forces of] Kai and Echigo Provinces at the great battle of Kawanakajima  
  nnKB -- Kōetsu Kawanakajima ō-kassen no zu
甲越 川中嶋 大合戦 之 圖
1866 (4)  
172 The three heroes swear loyalty in the peach orchard
  nnKB -- San-ketsu momozono ketsu-gi [no] zu
三傑 桃園 結義 [の] 圖
1866 (5)  
173 The death of Yamamoto Kansuke at the great battle of Kawanakajima
  nnKB -- Kawanakajima ō-kassen Yamamoto Dōsan {Dōki} uchijini no zu
川中嶋 大合戦 山本 道鬼 討没 之 図
1866 (6) A number of sources seem to give 'Kansuke' as the name of this person (when looking using the kanji given here - although the usual kanji for 'Kansuke' are different), and he is a well-known person from that battle, but it's hard to reconcile that reading with the canonical ones for these characters. Perhaps it is a little-known nickname for him?
173A! The viewing of the severed heads by the military genius Mashiba Hisayoshi and his retainers
  nnKB -- Mashiba Hisayoshi buchi shūjū no kubijikken no zu
眞柴 久吉 武智 主従 之 首實撿 之 圖
(真) (首実検)
1866 (6) A once-common scene, not often depicted in ukiyo-e.

Mashiba Hisayoshi was the alternative name used by convention (in the Kabuki theatre and elsewhere) for Hashiba Hideyoshi, an early name of the military strongman Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

173B! (Untitled)
  nnKB -- Asahina Saburō Yoshihide
Tsubone? Matsushima?
朝比奈 三郎 義秀
?(局) 松嶌(島)
1866 (6) The exact form of the character which seems to be tsubone is not available in Unicode.
174 The great battle of Kawanakajima
  nnKB -- Kawanakajima ō-kassen no zu
川中嶋 大合戰 之 圖
1866 (7)  
175 Prince Genji dressed in the purple of Edo: The Peony Garden
  nnKB -- Edo murasaki yatsushi {hanagata} Genji botan sono no kei
江戸 紫 花形 源氏 ぼたん 園 の 景
1866 (10)  
176 Takeda's troops die in battle at Mt. Temmoku
  nnKB -- Takeda zei Temmokuzan uchijini no zu
武田 勢 天目山 討死 之 圖
1866 (10)  
177$ Naoyuki conquers the old badger at Fukushima's mansion
  nnKB -- Fukushima no yakata [ni oite] Naoyuki kori [o] taiji [no] zu
於吹島 之 館 直之 古狸 退治 [の] 圖
1866 (10-11)  
178 Masakiyo's difficult battle from the Taiheiki
  nnKB -- Taiheiki Masakiyo nansen no zu
太平記 正清 難戰 之 圖 (戦)
1866 (10)  
179 The great battle in the mist in Mino Province from the Taiheiki
  nnKB -- Taiheiki Mino muchū ō-kassen
太平記 美濃 霧中 大合戰 (戦)
1866 (10)  
180 The great battle of Kawanakajima
  nnKB -- Kawanakajima ō-kassen no zu
川中嶋 大合戰 之 圖 (戦)
1866 (12) Right half of hexaptych with #194
181 Odai Matarokurō sets fire to his palace and dies in the flames, terrifying the enemy troups with his courage
  nnKB -- Odai Matarokurō mizukara shiro o yaki sono kakō ni irite jijaku to shite shisu tekigun kare ga yūmō ni kyōfu no zu
小田井 又六郎 自 焼 城
1866 (12)  
186 Katō fights along the mountain road of Shizugamine
  nnKB -- Shizugamine Katō sanro kumiuchi no zu
賤ヶ峰 加藤 山路 組討 [之] 図
1866 Probably Kato Kiyomasa
187$ View of the great battle of the Ane River. The great Battle of Ane-kawa
  nnKB -- Ane-kawa ō-kassen no zu
阿根川 大合戰 之 圖
(姉川) (戦)
188$ The glory of Yoshitsune at Yashima<
  nnKB -- Yoshitsune Yashima no meiyo
義經 八島 之 名譽
(経) (名誉)
1866 (4)  
189/193 Chronicles of the Toyotomi Clan
  nnKB -- Toyotomi kunkōki
豊臣 勲功記
1867 (1)-(6) Series size: 2<
189 Hyōsokabe attacks Hori's encampment at night
  nnKB -- Hyōsokabe Hori no jin youchi no zu
兵曽加部 堀 之 陣 江 夜討 圖
1867 (1)  
189A! View of the headquarters at the Battle of Shizugatake in the Taiheiki
  nnKB -- Taiheiki Shizugatake honjin no zu
太平記 賎ヶ嶽 本陣 之 圖
1867 (1) The name of the Battle of Shizugatake is usually written with the characters 賤ヶ岳 now.
190$ Snow, Moon, and Flowers with Valiant Warriors
  nnKB -- Buyū setsugekka no uchi
武勇 雪月花 之 内
1867 (2) Series size: 3
190.1 The Quiver Plum at Ikuta Forest
  nnKB -- Ikuta-mori webira-no-ume
生田森 ゑびら の 梅
1867 (2) The 'we' is archaic; it is usually written えひら (ehira) now, although often still pronounced "ebira".
190.2! Moon of the five aspects
  nnKB -- Gojū no tsuki
五條 乃 月
1867 (2) There is probably a complicated visual pun here; gojū, written with a different last character, means "five cardinal Confucian virtues" (), or "five passions" ().
190.3! Snow at Yoshino
  nnKB -- Yoshino no yuki
吉野 の 雪
1867 (2)  
191 and 192 A sash of new brocade weave
  nnKB -- Kujira obi nishiki shingata
九字成 帯 錦 新𥜌/襖
1867 (4) Series size: 3?

It is not clear that these three prints are really a series, since they are from different publishers; they are all about the same kabuki play.

191 Hayase Iori
Adachi Yasuke
Adachi Motoemon
  nnKB -- Hayase Iori
Adachi Yasuke
Adachi Motoemon
安達 弥助
1867 (4) Keyes gives few details about this print, other than to list the publisher - Marujin - but it seems to be this one, published by Maruya Jinpachi.
Shown are (L to R) Sawamura Tosshō II as Hayase Iori; Nakamura Shikan IV as Adachi Yasuke; and Ōtani Tomoemon V as Adachi Motoemon.

Adachi Motoemon is sometimes read as Adachi Genemon, but the former reading seems to be the usual.

192$ Adachi Motoemon
Hayase Iori
Tōma Saburōemon
  nnKB -- Adachi Motoemon
Hayase Iori
Tōma Saburōemon
安達 元右衞門 (衛)
早瀬 伊織
東間 三郎右エ門
1867 (4) The identity of this print is not absolutely certain, as Keyes gives very few details about it, other than naming two of the personages shown in half-length portraits. Since they match, this is probably it. The publisher of this one is Ōmiya Kinkyū (Sawa Kyūjirō).

Shown are (from L to R) Ōtani Tomoemon V as Adachi Motoemon, Sawamura Tosshō II as Hayase Iori, and Bandō Hikosaburō V as Tōma Saburōemon.

192A! Adachi Motoemon
Hayase Iori
Tōma Saburōemon
  nnKB -- Adachi Motoemon
Hayase Iori
Tōma Saburōemon/i>
安達 元右衞門
早瀬 伊織
東間 三郎右エ門
1867 (4) This one is published by Yamajin han (Yamashiroya Jinbei).
193 Chronicles of the Toyotomi Clan: The naval attack on Takamatsu Castle
  nnKB -- Toyotomi kunkōki: Takamatsu-jō mizuseme no zu
豊臣 勲功記
高松城 水攻 之 圖
1867 (6)  
194 The bloody battle of the brave generals of the Takeda clan
  nnKB -- Takeda yūshō kessen [no] zu
武田 勇將 血戰 [之] 圖 (将) (戦)
1867 (6) Left half of hexaptych with #180
195 The journey of the first song through the mountains of love
  nnKB -- Hatsune no tabi koi yamayama
魁音 [] 旅 戀 大?㒰
1867 (7)  
196 Heroes and the Five Elements
  nnKB -- Eiyū gogyō no uchi
英雄 五 行 之 内
1867 (7) Series size: 3?
196.1 Earth: Akashi Gidayu races to Kyoto during the battle of Amagasaki
  nnKB -- Do: Amagasaki kassen Akashi Gidayu Kyōto ni hashiru

尼ヶ崎 合戦 明石 儀太夫 京都 に はしる
1867 (7)  
196.2! Water: Saitō Toshimitsu fighting Nonoma in the River Akuta
  nnKB -- Mizu: Saitō Toshimitsu Akuta-gawa ni Nonoma o utsu

齋藤 利光 芥川 に 野之間 を 討殺
(斎) (利三)
1867 (7)  
196.3! Fire: Sassa Narimasa during a protracted battle in Kyūshū
  nnKB -- Hi: Sassa Narimasa Kyūshū nansen no zu

佐々 成政 九州 難戦 之 圖
1867 (9)  
197$ [The forces of] Eastern Kai Province at the great battle of Kawanakajima
  nnKB -- Kōyō Kawanakajima ō-kassen
甲陽 川中島 大合戰 (戦)
1867 (7)  
198 The great battle of the Ane River in the Taiheiki
  nnKB -- Taiheiki anegawa okassen
太平記 阿根川 大合戦
1867 (7)  
198A Ōtani Tomoemon V as Shin Chūnagon Taira (no) Tomomori (L)
Sawamura Tosshō II as Minomoto (no) Yoshitsune (C)
Bandō Hikosaburō as Tsuke no Tsubone (R)
  nnKB -- Ōtani Tomoemon V as Shin Chūnagon Taira (no) Tomomori (L)
Sawamura Tosshō II as Minomoto (no) Yoshitsune (C)
Bandō Hikosaburō as Tsuke no Tsubone (R)
新 中納言 平 知盛
源 義經 (経)
すけ の 局
1867 (7) A scene from the Kabuki play Ichinomori kujira no ōyose performed at the Morita Theater in 07/1867.


Thanks to Antique Art Morimiya, which put many detailed images of Yoshitoshi triptychs online - and kept them there, even after they sold; these allowed the confirmation (and correction, in many cases) of captions for those triptychs.

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