Yoshitoshi's Individual Triptychs: Numbers 350-399


This set of pages attempts to show all known individual tripych prints (i.e. those triptychs which are not part of a series) produced by Yoshitoshi; this page shows individual tripyches numbered 350-399. (For others, see the table at the bottom of this page.)

We use Keyes' numbers to identify and order them. For more details on the identification system, please see the header of the complete list of triptych titles for more.

The Prints

This table is currently incomplete, as we are missing images of some triptychs.

If you have either i) images of any of the triptychs for which we are missing an image; ii) a better image of any triptcyh than one below; iii) information about any errors on the page; or iv) missing information about individual triptychs (e.g. publisher, exact date), please let us know.

To see a larger, roughly full-screen, image of any print, please click on the thumbnail; these images are sized to produce reasonable detail (if we have an original that big), and are fairly compressed.

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Number Thumbnail Image Title (English, Kanji, Rōmaji)
Large Image
Date Comments
347 A picture of the news from Kagoshima
Shinbun Kagoshima utsushi-e {mosha}
新聞 鹿児嶌 模冩?
1877 (2)
348 A chronicle of the pursuit of the rebels at Kagoshima
Kagoshima bōto tsuitōki
鹿児島 暴徒 追討記
1877 (2)
349 A chronicle of the subjugation of Kagoshima in Satsuma Province
Sasshū Kagoshima
Sei-tōki no uchi
薩州 鹿兒島
征討記 之 内
1877 (3.3)
351 Chronicle of the Conquest of Kagoshima 鹿児島 征討 記 之 内
Kagoshima seitō ki no uchi
351.1 Untitled
1877 (13.3) Officer Nozu retrieves the national flag during the battle at the mouth of the Takase River.
351.2 Image needed Untitled
1877 Shinohara Kunimoto battles on horseback near Kumamoto Castle.
352 A Chronicle of the Subjugation of Kagoshima: View of the battle to and fro in close quarters at Kumamoto Castle 鹿兒島 征討 記 之 内
ヨリ 諸所 戰争 [之] 圖
Kagoshima seitō ki no uchi: Kumamoto-jō yori shosho sensō [no] zu
352.1 Untitled
1877 (16.3) Major General Miura battling Kirino Toshiaki at the battle of Asayama.
352.2 Untitled
1877 (26.3) Colonel Nozu with flag on horseback.
353 Accounts of the subjugation of Kagoshima: The main encampment at Kawajiri-guchi in Kumamoto
Kagoshima seitō kibun no uchi: Kumamoto Kawajiri-guchi honkan? (honei?) no zu
鹿兒島 征討 紀聞 之 内 (児)
熊本 川尻口 本管 之 圖
1877 (19.3)
354 Oral records of Kagoshima: The death of Second-in-Command Murata
Kagoshima kibun no uchi: Fukushō Murata uchijini no zu
鹿児嶌 紀聞 之 内
副將 村田 討死 之 圖
1877 (20.3)
355 A Chronicle of the Subjugation of Kagoshima in Satsuma Province 薩州 鹿児嶋
征討 記 之 内
Sasshū Kagoshima: Seitō ki no uchi
355.1 The death of Murata Sansuke
1877 (26.3)
355.2 View of the brave fight by the women's squad of rebels
Zokuto no jo-tai yūsen no zu
賊徒 之 女隊 勇戦 之 圖
1877 (1.5)
357 A picture of the battle with the rebels at Kawajiri and Takahashi in Kagoshima Prefecture
Kagoshima bōto Takahashi narabi Kawajiri sensō no zu
鹿兒嶋 縣 暴徒 高橋 并 川尻 戦争 ノ 圖
ca. 1877 (3)
359 A chronicle of the war in Kagoshima: The main camp at Kawajiri
Kagoshima sensō ki: Kawajiri honei no zu
鹿児島 戦争 記
川尻 本営 之 圖
1877 (16.4)
360 A complete chronicle of the conquest of Kagoshima 鹿児嶌 征討 全記 之 内
Kagoshima seitō zenki no uchi
360.1 The navy lands at Sukuchi Village
Kaigun Sukuchi-mura [he] jōriku no zu
海軍 須口村 [へ] 上陸 之 圖
1877 (23.4)
360.2 The moment of death of Takamori and his followers at Castle Mountain
Ni oite Shiro-yama Takamori ika saigo [no] zu
於 城山 隆盛 以下 最期 [之] 圖
1877 (4.10)
361 New documents from Kagoshima: Saigō's inspection of Mt. Hanaoka
Kagoshima shinshi no uchi
Saigō Hanaoka-yama junken
鹿兒島 新誌 [之] 内
西郷 花岡山 巡見
1877 (.4)

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