Yoshitoshi's Individual Triptychs: Numbers 1-99


This set of pages attempts to show all known individual tripych prints (i.e. those triptychs which are not part of a series) produced by Yoshitoshi; this page shows individual tripyches numbered 1-99. (For others, see the table at the bottom of this page.)

We use Keyes' numbers to identify and order them. For more details on the identification system, please see the header of the complete list of triptych titles for more.

The Prints

This table is currently incomplete, as we are missing images of some triptychs.

If you have either i) images of any of the triptychs for which we are missing an image; ii) a better image of any triptcyh than one below; iii) information about any errors on the page; or iv) missing information about individual triptychs (e.g. publisher, exact date), please let us know.

To see a larger, roughly full-screen, image of any print, please click on the thumbnail; these images are sized to produce reasonable detail (if we have an original that big), and are fairly compressed.

If we have a higher-quality image, that image can be viewed by clicking on the "Large Image" link, which gives the size of the image (for the benefit of those on slow links). Sometimes there is more than one, if our best-quality image has issues (e.g. trimmed margins).

Number Thumbnail Image Title (English, Kanji, Rōmaji)
Large Image
Date Comments
1 Image of the Heike clan sinking in the sea and perishing in the first year of the Bunji era
  Bunji gannen Heike no ichimon horobi kaichū [ni] ochiiru zu
文治 元年 平家 の 一門 亡 海中 落入る 圖
1853 (6)  
2 The flower of Edo: children's games
  Edo no hana kodomo asobi no zu
江戸 の 花 子供 遊 の 圖
1858 It's not absolutely positive that this is Keyes #2; this image appeared on a now-offline Yoshitoshi enthusiast's site, labelled as that print, but the image is too small to confirm the title; no other image has been found, though, despite extensive searching.
3 A comic image of a collection of chess pieces
681KB Kyōga shōgi zukushi
狂画 將棊 づくし
1859 (8)  
4 Momotarō scattering beans (during the setsubun festival)
625KB Momotarō mamemaki no zu
桃太郎 豆蒔 之 圖
7 The great battle of Chinese and Japanese animals
665KB Wakan kedamono ōkassen no zu
和漢 獣物 大合戦 之 圖
1859 or 1860 The title given in Keyes (derived from other sources) is slightly different, as is the date, but the image here seems to be the print he lists
9 The battle of the kitchen
  Daidokoro ō-kassen
臺所 大合戰
37 A gorgeous festival procession with the flowers of Edo
  Edo no hana hade na omatsuri
吾妻男美 揃祭 禮
1861 (6?)  
43 View of the great battle of Shizugamine
  Shizugamine ō-kassen no zu
賤ヶ峰 大合戰 之 圖
94A Withdrawing from the middle of the country, the Battle of Amagasaki, from the Taiheiki
740KB Taiheiki Amagasaki kassen chūgoku hikikaesu no zu
太平記 尼ヶ崎 合戦 中國 引返 の 圖
(尼崎) (中国)
1863 (10) The translation of the title is not completely certain

Other Triptychs

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