'Yoshitoshi's Actors with Snow, Moon, Flowers'

Yoshitoshi's 'Setsugekka no uchi' (8/1890)


This page catalogs prints in Yoshitoshi's series 'Setsugekka no uchi (Snow, moon, and flowers)'.

This is a series of half-length portraits of actors, which was executed by Yoshitoshi near the end of his life. Considered among Yoshitoshi's best kabuki prints.

Technical details

Previous cataloguings

Listed in Keyes' thesis:
	Roger. S. Keyes, "Courage and Silence: A Study of the Life and
		Color Woodblock Prints of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 1839-1892",
		Cinncinnati, 1982
where it appears as series #517, and:
	Eric van den Ing, Robert Schaap, "Beauty and Violence: Japanese 		  
		Prints by Yoshitoshi 1839-1892",    
		Havilland, Eindhoven, 1992 
as series #69 (page 91, 146).

We use the Keyes numbers to order the prints below.

The Prints

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Snow. Onoe Baiko (Kikugorô V) as Iwakura Sôgen. Second state (second image as shown) titled "Iwakura Sôgen in the hermitage scene from Hanafubuki."  
Moon. Ichikawa Sanshô (Danjurô IX) as the pirate Kezori Kuemon. Yoshitoshi is said to have spent 3 days carving Kuemon's hair and beard.
Flowers. Ichikawa Sadanji as Gosho no Gorozô.  

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