Yoshitoshi's 'Personalities of Recent Times' (1886 - 1888)


This page is a catalog all the prints by Yoshitoshi in the series 'Kinsei jimbutsushi (Personalities of Recent Times'.

Yoshitoshi produced these prints in the 1880s as furoku, or supplements, to certain issues of the Yamato Newspaper. These prints were distributed to subscribers. While employed by the newspapers, Yoshitoshi produced numerous other prints in other formats (see Keyes series 486, 'Yamato shimbun' and earlier series such as Keyes 315, 'Yubin hōchi shimbun', 318, 'Meiyo shidan').

These prints date from late in Yoshitoshi's career, during the time that he was producing his well-received masterpiece series, "One Hundred Aspects of the Moon" (1885-1892). At this time, Yoshitoshi was well established as a great artist, and his work was in high demand.

The series features illustrations of a wide variety of personalities from contemporary, and historical times. The portraits are considered exceptional in execution relative to other news nishiki-e prints.

Technical details

Previous cataloguings

This series appears in:
	Shinichi Segi, "Yoshitoshi: The Splendid Decadent",
		Tokyo, Japan, 1985

where it appears as color plates 23-34, figs. 62-65, page 52.


It is also listed in Keyes' thesis:

	Roger. S. Keyes, "Courage and Silence: A Study of the Life and
		Color Woodblock Prints of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 1839-1892",
		Cinncinnati, 1982

as series #488.


The Prints

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Thumbnail Number Date Title Description
#1 10/1886 Lady Tenshoin
#2 11/1886 No. 23, The actor Nakamura Shikan and his wife.
#3 12/1886 No. 52, Isobayashi Taii on horseback by castle gate with falling stones.
#4 1/1887 The Tokugawa Princess Mime.
#5 2/1887 No. 109, Endo Shimpei standing in a garden.
#6 3/1887 No. 139, Imamuraskai, a prostitute of the Kimpei Daikoku house.
#7 4/1887 The wrestler Umegatani Totaro
#8 5/1887 No. 187, Okatsu of the Obana clan, the concu­bine of an officer.
#9 6/19/1887 No. 210, Ichikawa Danjaro IX as Benkei in Kanjunicho
#10 7/20/1887 Nishigori Takekiyo painting.
#11 8/20/1887 No. 263, Hanai Oume stabbing Minekichi
#12 09/25/1887 No. 293, The actor Bando Hikosaburo V
#13 10/16/1887 No. 311, Egawa Tarozaemon playing the koto.
#14 11/13/1887 No. 333, Muraoka of the Konoe clan bound with rope.
#15 12/30/1887 No. 357, Lady Kido Suikoin.
#16 01/20/1888 No. 383, Takeda Kounsai's mistress Tokiko in the snow.
#17 02/24/1888 No. 414, Saigo Takamori walking with dog.
#18 03/24/1888 No. 430, Mr. Kawase's wife holding a dagger.
#19 4/25/1888 No. 464, The old warrior Tomobayashi Rokuro Mitsuhira.
#20 5/25/1888 The fiancee of the Tokugawa shogun Keiki.

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