We would like to take a moment to publicly credit several people whose prior efforts on Yoshitoshi have been key building-blocks for this site. (This is not an attempt to appropriately credit everyone who has contributed to the modern revival of interest in Yoshitoshi; that is a task for which are not really competent. This is purely about those whose work has been most helpful to us in particular.)

First and foremost has to be Roger Keyes, whose monumental thesis on Yoshitoshi has been a key resource for everyone since.

Eric van den Ing and Robert Schaap's recent survey of Yoshitoshi's work was a key introduction. Shinichi Segi's ground-breaking book also contained information which was not available elsewhere. John Stevenson's books on a number of Yoshitoshi's most important series have also been a rich source of information.

In addition, a number of institutions have been rich sources of information. First and foremost has to be the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, whose extensive database of print captions saved us many hours poring over prints to try and read kan-ji! The Tōkyō Digital Museum was similarly helpful.

Thanks also to a host of institutions and individuals who have made images of Yoshitoshi prints available online; without them, this site would have been almost impossible.

Individual series pages also contain specific acknowledgements to individuals who have helped up by providing (usually on request) images of prints they have access to.

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